New York Jets Marketing Toward Perverts

Posted: August 24, 2010 in General Sports, NFL
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We all know that with NFL Sundays come amazing perks, whether it be the great football itself, the thirst quenching beer, the mouth-watering wings or the always welcomed sight of beautiful cheerleaders prancing around in skimpy dresses.  Well, it’s great to know that despite the New York Jets fielding a terrific football team this season, management has decided to focus and dedicate it’s marketing and game day experience to all the perverts in attendance. 

Yes it’s official, the Jets have recently unveiled a hand-held television that fans can purchase to access everything from alternate angles to instant replay or the always important “cheerleader cam.”  Something this magnificent wouldn’t be free would it?  Hell no, in fact it runs you $200 for all the cheerleading jollies you can handle during the course of a game.  Oh, I got a fabulous idea:  How about we start installing mini cameras in all of the urinals at zipper level just in case women need something to watch during the games too?  

Honestly, the last thing we need at our football games is some drunken fan whipping out his one-eyed Wiley and going all Pee Wee Herman on us while our son or daughter is trying to enjoy their snow cone.  Not sure about you, but there’s nothing appetizing about that to me.  If you want to watch women jump and jiggle, hit the stripe club, I hear they got a great Sunday buffet.


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