Mike Tyson Considers Himself A Waste Of Space – Well Duh!

Posted: August 18, 2010 in General Sports
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If someone had told mama Mole and papa Mole that their eventual son would one day go onto to be one of the greatest boxers in the history of sports as well as make hundreds of millions of dollars, I think they would be quite proud of their unborn son.  However, Mike Tyson who this hypothetical situation is referring to would thoroughly disagree.  In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated “Iron” Mike Tyson admitted that the first 44 years of his life were a complete waste of time.  He made it known that he was a selfish guy who thought about no one but himself and destroyed every relationship he ever had. 

It’s important to note that Tyson also had a long drawn out history with drugs, spousal abuse and alcohol, but the ear-biting boxing legend has a solid plan to make amends on his past mistakes.  Oh no Mole!  Relax everybody, Tyson actually wants to help less fortunate souls and has scheduled a trip to Southeast Asia to aid impoverished communities.  Wow, that’s really commendable Iron Mike.  When asked what provoked this Mother Teresa type attitude from one of the most feared boxers in the history of the sport, he replied by saying, “I want to count for something. Not in the name of God or any religion but in the name of self-dignity. I feel I’m a clown, I’m a joke. I just want to do nice things so my kids can respect me. I want to live in a hut in Burma.”  Hold on what?  We all understand that you’re the definition of a joke, but how in the hell does moving to Burma and living in a hut help you get the respect of your children? If anything you’re only confirming that you’re as crazy as ever and now your kids know you’re simply going for self-fulfilling purposes yet again. 

Generally Mike if you’re trying to do something nice for others you don’t announce it to the world.  Secondly, what does living in a hut have to do with anything? Were you on drugs when you gave this interview to Sports Illustrated?  I hope this little trip of yours isn’t going to be similar to the one Ricky Williams took a few years back as he fled the States to find spirituality in India and instead found the piece pipe and an unlimited supply of ganja.  My biggest question/concern about sending you to Southeast Asia is what will happen to those poor people if they disagree with you?  Are you going to bite their ears off like you did to your good friend Evander Holyfield?  Boy am I happy to see you become the burden of a country continents away!  Good luck Iron Mike, you’ll need it.


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