Real Jersey Shore Girl Confirms Brett Favre’s X-Rated Pictures

Posted: August 7, 2010 in General Sports, NFL
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It’s August, which means NFL fans around the globe are subject to seeing Brett Favre’s mug fill up their favorite sports channels as he chews on the idea of returning or not returning for another year of quarterbacking in the NFL.  However, recent rumors have more than one of the Silver Fox’s heads filling up a camera if you know what I mean.  It’s really hard to believe that a professional athlete this day in age would send a picture of his dong to a young lady that would later be used as part of a blackmail scam, isn’t it?  I understand that Jenn Sterger is incredibly beautiful, but are we really supposed to believe that Brett Favre of all people sent pictures of his man meat to her while playing for the New York Jets?   It’s hard to believe Brett Favre owns a cell phone let alone knows how to use text messaging or picture messaging!  Brett Favre wouldn’t know technology if he came up and kicked him in the groin.  Let’s be honest.

As the race continues to uncover details on the alleged x-rated text messages sent by the Silver Fox, Playboy radio who is known worldwide for being the #1 source of accurate news interviewed Jenn Sterger’s friend Allison Torres to get a deeper look into the issue.  Allison is considered the Katie Couric of news when it comes to professional athletes, maybe because she has coerced and black mailed so many of them herself.   I find this story utterly ridiculous and nothing more than a manipulative attempt by a bonified prostitute to extort a professional athlete that is currently cast in the limelight.  I don’t doubt for a second Jenn Sterger has pictures of men’s shlongs galore all over her phone and computer, but until Brett Favre’s face is attached to that package, I won’t believe it for a second.  What credibility does Allison Torres carry when she starts the interview by saying , “I’m actually laying in my bed fighting a hangover?”  Would we expect anything less from a “real” Jersey Shore girl?  Believing anything in this interview is like taking medical advice from Doctor Kevorkian, you just don’t do it.  Thanks Playboy for this entertaining interview, but please stick to shooting naked women, it’s what you do best.


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