Anthony Tolliver’s “The Decision”

Posted: August 7, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Tis the season to make fun of the epic Lebron James “Decision” and that trend continues as Anthony Tolliver recently announced he would be taking his talents to the North to play with the Minnesota Timberwolves.  This up and coming center opened a lot of eyes last season with the Golden State Warriors where he averaged 12.3 points and 7.3 rebounds a game.  How great is it that we now have NBA unknowns mocking Bron Bron on a consistent basis through YouTube videos? Before that ridiculous spectacle known as “The Decision”, the NBA was incredibly boring and predictable so for that we thank you Lebron.

  1. cheneetot08 says:

    Great Post! Seems like this is turning to be one of the latest fad. Which is make fun of Lebron. I hope Lebron’s decision is worth this all. All the criticism and express of dismay.

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