Mark Sanchez Has A Little “Broadway” Joe In Him

Posted: August 2, 2010 in General Sports, NFL
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New York City is as big as it gets and with the Big Apple comes big expectations especially when you play quarterback for the J-E-T-S.  Even with the New York Jets losing in the AFC Championship game last year to Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts, I would still give Mark Sanchez an A on his rookie report card.  It’s clear Sanchez still has a lot to learn in this league, but we can’t overlook or under appreciate the fact that a rookie quarterback was one game away from taking his team to the Super Bowl.  Mark struggled at times last season to manage the game clock and keep turnovers down, but coming into his second stint with the Jets, the sky is clearly the limit for this Southern California kid. 

Its quite easy to see the comparisons between Mark Sanchez and the legendary Joe Namath, not only in their football abilities, but also their silky smooth moves with the women.  Mark showed the world how charming he could be when he landed the beautiful Jamie Lynn Sigler and instantly became one of Hollywood’s hottest couples.  However, we all know love rarely lasts forever and it appears that the flame between Mark and Jaime has run its course.  Ahhhh no, tell me it’s not so Mr. Mole.  Yes, yes the two have called it quits according to one source who said, “Mark is 23 years old and Jamie is 29. Mark didn’t want to be involved with someone who is looking to take the next step. The relationship was good for both of them but it ran its course.”   Well, I’ll be damned.  These words sound as if they came straight out of the mouth of “Broadway” Joe himself.  I smell a possible reality show in the works with Mr. Namath and Mr. Sanchez, maybe something along the lines of “Womanizers?”  With Sanchez back out on the dating market, the NYPD has officially put out an APB on all single women. Let the hunt begin!


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