Ron Artest Raps About The New York Mets

Posted: July 30, 2010 in General Sports
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Do you like the New York Mets?  The Los Angeles Lakers?  Jason Bay?  Ron Artest?  How about God awful rap music?  If you said yes to any of the these options please continue reading, otherwise proceeding may provoke high levels of self-induced gagging and vomiting.  I could literally sit here all day and rant and rave about how “talented” a rapper Ron Artest is, but nothing says the sky is the limit more than this track he recently recorded.  For all inspiring rappers, please note that if you want to succeed in the music industry, spitting lyrics about meeting Jason Bay for ice cream at 1:30 will not get you a contract, the cars, the clothes or the women.  Hope everyone enjoys this music video as much as I did and Ron I love when you said, “We the Mets.  We lose a lot, but now we going to try to win one.”  Well, I just wanted to inform you that you sure as hell didn’t win one here.  If Mets fans didn’t feel bad about their team before, they sure as hell will after listening to Ron rap about them.  My sincerest apologies!


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