Kenyon Martin’s Trash is Dez Bryant’s Treasure

Posted: July 30, 2010 in General Sports
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If USA Today were to compile a list of the most hated athletes in the United States, it wouldn’t shock anyone at this point to see Lebron James heading that list, but if you ask me Dez Bryant is quickly ascending up the charts to the second spot.  We all know that the Dallas Cowboys rookie wide receiver has been making headlines the past week for his unwillingness to carry Roy Williams pads because “He was brought to Dallas to win a championship, not carry pads” as he so eloquently put it.  I just want to quickly say that is the most idiotic statement I have ever heard come out of someones mouth.  Does he think the rest of the players on the Cowboys aren’t there to win titles?  Simply befuttering!

Well, if things weren’t bad enough for Diva Dez as I now refer to him as, rumors have been circulating that the talented wide out is dating, hooking up or whatever you want to call it with Kenyon Martin’s ex-fiance Trina.  Honestly Dez?  Once word got out about the possible relationship Dez was in with Trina, he quickly surfaced to the forefront to squash those rumors.  If there’s one thing the Mole knows for a fact it’s that when a celebrity or professional athlete addresses a rumor publically and claims that it’s not true, then its safe to assume it is true.  With the clouds begining to depart in Dallas on who the real Dez Bryant is,  it’s becoming ever apparent that he is as close to a glory hog as there is in the NFL.  As someone who claims they’re focusing solely on football, why would Dez want all this negative attention that he knew would come with hanging out with the controversial Trina?  I just want to say that if Kenyon Martin tossed Trina to the curb, you know something is seriously wrong with her.  Enjoy sloppy seconds Dez!


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