Matt Kemp Closing In On Proposal To Rihanna

Posted: July 28, 2010 in General Sports
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When Hollywood couples make the news its generally for cheating scandals or divorces gone bad (thanks Tiger), but one such couple is making headlines for all the right reasons.  I think if Dr. Phil wanted to show couples around the globe what a healthy, happy  relationship looks like, he would use superstar celebrity couple Matt Kemp and Rihanna as his model.  These two love birds could literally be washing dog poop off a New York street corner and it wouldn’t wipe the smile off their faces that seems to inevitably always be there.  I guess that’s why rumors are circulating at the moment that the Los Angeles Dodgers sensational center fielder is looking to pop the all important question.  People close to Matt have seen him ring shopping the past few weeks, but the more pressing issue for him appears to be the perfect moment and place to ask the pop sensation to marry him.  It clear that Matt is going through some difficult times at the moment as a surging star in Major League Baseball making millions of dollars and now setting up to lock down one of the world’s most eligible women.  I can only hope one day that my life sucks as much as Matt Kemps 🙂

  1. Peter says:

    i am not buying this at all. @terezowens is the first blogger to blog about this then @mediatakeout(mediafakeout) jumped in and they are claiming that they are the first to report this I TAKE EVERY ISSUES PUBLISHED BY @MEDIATAKEOUT WITH A PINCH OF SALT INSTEAD OF BEYONCE PREGGERS TUMMY TO GROW BIG WE SEE MAYBE A 6PACK I THINK 8PACK OF ABS MEDIATAKEOUT REPORT LIES TO GET HITS

  2. rondo says:

    Better choice then lil wimp Chris Brown. Matt Kemp is a man Chris a boy.

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