Meat-Peeping Pictures Getting This Dallas Cowboy’s Player In Trouble

Posted: July 26, 2010 in NFL
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You know it’s going to be a weird week in the world of sports when you roll out of bed on Monday, pick up your phone and the first text message you see says, “Meat-peepin ain’t easy – Dallas Cowboys style.”  Wowzers, as soon as I saw the word “Meat-peepin” it was clear as day that we had another professional athlete slanging his beef stick infront of a camera phone for the pleasure of some disoriented groupie girlfriend who after being dumped released the picture all over the web in an attempt for justice.  The only question was who Mole, who?  The dong slanger referred to himself as Osama Bin Laden in a recent homemade video, but I simply know him as Martellus “No Talent” Bennett. 

Dallas reporters and media were curious about the absence of Martellus during a team mini-camp last week and Mr. Bennett informed officials that his absence was due to a sprained-ankle that he suffered after participating in “jump ball” drills.  Ya, that seems incredibly believable right now.  However, with the emergence of the nude picture, it’s obvious that the only injury Martellus is suffering from is the one his ego is taking.  How many times do we have to see a professional athlete get burned for taking revealing pictures of themselves and sending them to girls before they realize it always comes back to bite them in the ass?  I guess there is a reason these athletes are playing professional sports and not looking for the cure to cancer, but please for the love of God keep the magic stick in your pants!


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