Serious Cheese Spent On Auctioned Pete Rose Bat

Posted: July 23, 2010 in General Sports, MLB
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We all remember Aug. 14, 1986 like it was yesterday when Cincinnati Red great Pete Rose hit a single off the San Francisco Giant’s Greg Minton and collected his 4,256 hit, a major league record.  *Long pause*  Well this awkward cause I sure as hell don’t, do you?  Should we?  Oh well, the point is that the bat Mr. Rose used to collect that historic hit was auctioned off the other day for an astonishing $158,776 on

According to sources there were seven bids placed on the bat and there’s been no official word if Rose himself placed a bet on it (clever, eh), but president Mike Heffner told reporters he was disappointed in the amount of money the bat generated.  Ya, I hope I never land a $160 grand for simply selling a piece of sports memorabilia cause that would be terrible?  Heffner believes “the tough economy and Rose’s controversies — he has a lifetime ban for betting on baseball — held down the price.”  Wow, thanks Captain Obvious. 

You really think his betting on baseball games and disgracing the sport entirely hurts the prices of his memorabilia?  It’s not hard to see why you got promoted to president of with the type of smarts you possess.  If you ask me any and everything Pete Rose or Pete Rose related should be erased from Major League Baseball completely, much like what USC football is currently doing with Reggie Bush and his legacy.  Also Pete if you don’t mind could you please stop showing up to Reds games?  We’re getting sick of seeing you and your porn star type outfits sitting behind home plate.


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