Josh Cribbs Replaces Lebron James As The Face Of Cleveland, Ohio

Posted: July 21, 2010 in General Sports
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Does this picture looked strangely familar to anyone but the Sports Mole?  Yes, it’s official that the Lebron James monstrous poster that once inhabited downtown Cleveland, Ohio that read “Witness” was replaced by the mug of the likeable Cleveland Brown’s Josh Cribbs.  Next to Mr. Cribbs and in no way meant to be a shot to Lebron (sarcasm) is written “True to my word.”  Hmmm, I sense a little bit of saltiness and sourness if those are even words in the hearts of Cleveland fans after the “Decision.” 

Anyways, the Sports Mole is a huge Josh Cribbs fan, but if he’s really the face of professional sports in Ohio, then Ohio is in deep deep trouble. Why?  Well, for starters Josh Cribbs is a Cleveland Brown and their not exactly the face of success or winning.  Secondly, Cribbs is a punt returner and barely touches the ball more than 5-6 times a game!  If you ask me, Cleveland should stop putting up these ridiculously large posters on their buildings period!


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