Lebron James Sipping Peanut Colada’s With Katy Perry

Posted: July 20, 2010 in General Sports
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Since announcing that he would be taking his talents to South Beach, Lebron James has seemingly disappeared from the good old red, white and blue grid.   Where in the world could Lebron James be (Carmen Sandiego theme music in the background)?  Word on the street is that Lebron James and girlfriend Savannah Brinson are in the Bahamas partying with wild girl Katy Perry.  Bron Bron and Katy were spotted at Aura Nightclub at the Atlantis the other night throwing down “healthy” amounts of Champagne and shots of vodka late into the evening.  I wonder why Lebron has been spending such large sums of time in the Bahamas?  

It seems now that Lebron, Wade and Bosh have assembled their super team, they’re starting to realize the expectations that have placed amongst their shoulders and right now it’s looking like that weight might be a little too much.  Nothing is more evident of this than the recent comments by Dwyane Wade, who compared losing a few games this upcoming season to the fall of the World Trade Centers….hmmmm not a wise choice of words my friend.  Honestly, why would Wade come out and already start making excuses for a potential losing streak that is still several months away?  It’s the pressure and the Sports Mole has no sympathy for these three what so ever.  You made your bed, now you have to sleep in it!  Enjoy the next six years of hell boys.


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