What Does $50 Million Dollars Get You In Today’s Real Estate Market? Ask Lebron James

Posted: July 18, 2010 in General Sports
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And the answer is:  $50 million dollars in today’s real estate market get’s you this little piece of property, proclaimed as the most expensive pad in Coral Gables, Florida by Life and Style.  Not to shabby I suppose, but the fact that this mega mansion was formerly owned by the Miami Heat head honcho Pat Riley, one might think that a discount could have been negotiated to save Bron Bron some change.  Oh well!  Included in the $50 million price tag Lebron can enjoy amenities that include:

* eight bedrooms and 11 bathrooms

* 880 feet of waterfront

* a master suite with a full gym

* a private guest suite with its own tennis court and courtyard on an acre of land

* a 150-foot dock

* a cool $1 million per year in taxes, with an additional $150,000 in utilities.

I can’t imagine Lebron can be to pleased about word leaking where he will be buying his new mansion at as the airline industry now is reporting record amounts of tickets being purchased from Cleveland to Miami and grocery stores around the vicinity experiencing a shortage in eggs…..not sure why that would be?  Enjoy your new pad Lebron, but remember if you don’t bring at least 3-4 championships down to South Beach you’ll be putting that house back on the market and heading to Cuba where hopefully you’ll be safe from the bounty that will be placed on your head.

  1. Chris Ellis says:

    Great post! I picked up some extra-large myself…

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