Vegas Releases 2011 NBA Title Odds

Posted: July 12, 2010 in General Sports, NBA
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With the Miami Heat acquiring the newer, bigger, better “Big Three” it should come as no surprise that Vegas has made them the favorites to claim the NBA title in 2011.  Well, I guess it’s too bad that it has to the Sports Mole who doesn’t understand why the Miami Heat instantly become favorites over the back-to-back champs in the Los Angeles Lakers. Ya, I understand that the Heat have 2 of the 3 best players in the NBA and an above average power forward in Chris Bosh,  but what else do they have?  Nothing!  They still have nine empty roster spots in their line-up and are only one “Big Three” injury away from being irrelevant.  How about we take some time to see what other pieces Pat Riley brings to South Beach before anointing them champs.  Oh well, here are some of the favorites and their odds to win the NBA championship this upcoming season:

Miami (25-to-1) now the 7-to-5 favorite.

Los Angeles Lakers (7-to-2) and still 7-to-2.

Orlando Magic (5-to-1) to a very generous 8-to-1.

Boston Celtics (5-to-1) to 10-to-1.

Denver Nuggets (10-to-1) to 12-to-1.

Oklahoma City Thunder (15-to-1) to 14-to-1.

San Antonio Spurs (20-to-1) to 25-to-1.

Dallas Mavericks (20-to-1) to 25-to-1.

Chicago Bulls (18-to-1) to a tempting 25-to-1.

The Cleveland Cavaliers plunged from 8-to-1 to 75-to-1.

  1. Luay Rahil says:

    I wont dare to challenge Pat Riley ability to put together a championship team. We both agree that Bosh is an overrated and over paid above average player. Wade and L.James will make anybody that play with them above average, two players that demand double coverage on consistent basis. Bosh is above average and can play close to the basket. I will say that they are favorite as of now, but lets wait and see.

  2. JeremyM says:

    Kobe and Artest can guard Lebron and Wade 1on1. The Lakers have no weak spot. Their current bench should be able to hold it’s own against most of the league. Good look Miami!!!

  3. LG24 says:

    Lakers! LeBaby and Wade + trash = fail!!! THREE in a ROW for BLACK MAMBA aka GREATEST EVER aka KOBE BRYANT.

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