Dallas Cowboy’s Tight End Makes Osama Bin Laden YouTube Video

Posted: July 6, 2010 in General Sports, NFL
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With the Dallas Cowboys looking to be the first team in NFL history to host and play in a Super Bowl in the same season; players are working incredibly hard this off-season to make that dream a reality.  If there is one player who is setting that bar at a unparalleled level, it has to be tight end Martellus Bennett.  Bennett has decided that this off-season irrelevant things like running, lifting and training can take a backseat to playing dress up with his cronies.  Look at this video Martellus released a few days ago where he is seen impersonating America’s most hated terrorist Osama Bin Laden.  Not only is this video not funny, but it’s one of the most pathetic things I have ever witnessed as a human being.  Thank God the Dallas Cowboys front office personnel got a hold of their moron tight end and told him to take it off YouTube because of how insensitive  and dumb it made him look.  However, if you pay close attention to his friends in the video, not even they find this oversized fake beard and act to be slightly amusing.  Grow up Martellus this isn’t high school!  Also if you could return the two minutes and thirty-eight seconds you stole from me that would be awesome as well.


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