Get Your Lebron James Chicago Bulls Jersey While You Can

Posted: July 1, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Do the Chicago Bulls know something the rest of the NBA world doesn’t or could the Lebron James #6 jersey that was selling on the today possibly be a brilliant marketing ploy by the Bulls organization to show Lebron how hot his jersey sales would be if he came to Chi Town?  You have to give the Bulls credit for how creative they’re getting in their attempts to lure King James to the Windy City.  Good Luck, but the Sports Mole still feels that Bron Bron will stay with his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers despite his current meetings with other NBA teams.  If he wasn’t staying in Cleveland, why in the world would have Cavaliers recently hired head coach Byron Scott agreed to coach the team?  I know Cleveland, Ohio definitely isn’t one of the top ten spots to live in your lifetime.   Byron Scott clearly has inside information on the Lebron James situation, chalk up the Akron Hammer back in Ohio!


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