Most Sued Mascot in Sports History

Posted: June 30, 2010 in General Sports, MLB
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Anyone got an idea?  No, it’s not the Mariner’s Moose even though he smoked a security guard last year while riding around like an idiot on his four-wheeler.  Instead, the winner is none other than the lovable Phillies Phanatic.  When the Phanatic isn’t making rainbows or kids smile, he spends his off days in court settling a dispute with a 75-year-old baseball fan who is claiming that the mascot injured her knee back in 2008 when the wide load attempted to make his way through the stands of a Reading Phillies minor league game.  Honestly, suing the Phanatic is like shooting the Easter Bunny or igniting a fire when Santa Claus is sliding down the chimney.  Let’s get serious! When the Phillies Phanatic makes his way down the courtroom and the judge sees that monstrous green ass squeezed into a tight black suit, I wouldn’t at all be surprised to hear “Case dismissed.”  Think before you sue people, please!


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