Them Sound Like Fighting Words

Posted: June 26, 2010 in Soccer
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With only a few hours until kickoff between Ghana and the United States, Ghanaian defender John Mensah is adding fuel to the American fire by saying, “We played against (USA) in the last World Cup, and we beat them, so that motivates us and gives us confidence and determination.  We didn’t want to face England, as we have never played them before. I’m relieved we don’t have to face them. As for U.S.A., we aren’t afraid of them. Like I said, we have beaten them before, and I believe we can do it again.”   Huh?  Not quite sure, but those sound like fighting words and if there is one team you don’t want to turn your back on in this World Cup, it has to be the American squad who has shown that heart and determination go a long way in producing results.  I suppose this shouldn’t come as any surprise as the Americans never get any respect. Oh by the way, who is John Mensah anyways?  Keep your yapper shut buddy.   Let’s get’em boys!


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