Bill Clinton, US Soccer & Budweiser

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Soccer
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It was a game for the ages as the United States scored its biggest goal in World Cup history against a determined and gritty Algeria squad in the 91st minute.  The goal not only gave the United States its first win in the 2010 World Cup, but assured the red, white and blue of a spot in the knock-out stages as the #1 overall seed in their group.  It’s safe to say that the Americans were flying high on Cloud 9, but honestly could it have gotten any better for Landon Donovan and crew?  Yes, yes it could have and it certainly did when former President, Bill Clinton showed up in the locker room to celebrate the big win with a case of Budweiser beer.  Wow, what a moment it had to have been for Carlos Bocanegra (in picture) and team to share a good old fashion American brew with Mr. Clinton, but what in the hell was he doing there in the first place?  Sorry, but Clinton doesn’t really strike me as a die-hard soccer fan and let’s just hope he wasn’t their to capitalize on the influx of African prostitutes in South Africa, yikes!  Either way, with that being said, the only thing missing from this monumental celebration was Monica Lewinsky and an oval office for each of the 23-man roster 🙂  Enjoy this win boys, but don’t forget you got a big one Saturday against Ghana.


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