Mali Referee Makes Monumental Mistake in USA vs. Slovenia Match

Posted: June 18, 2010 in Uncategorized
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After making the greatest World Cup comeback in United States soccer history, the red, white and blue had all of the wind taken from its sails thanks to a ridiculously terrible call at the hands of the referee.  The most frustrating thing about the entire situation is that the Mali referee never explained what the call was that took away the game winning goal from the United States.  Let’s hope this “little” pivotal blunder doesn’t come back to rear its ugly little head and cost the USA a chance to move through to the elimination rounds.  After watching the play several times, it’s clear that the referee is either a complete idiot or was paid off, you be the judge.

  1. oasis says:

    It happens to all match.It’s normal.If some time I’m unacceptable.

  2. Merty says:

    Bob Bradley needs to FIGURE OUT his line up. Get Onyewu out. How many midfielders is he going to try with his son before he realizes that the problem might lie…. with his son?? Sure he scored a goal, so I’m sure he’ll never be substituted by Pops now, but if the problem is in the midfield and you’ve tried 4 different guys there — and the problem continues — maybe it’s time to change the guy he keeps leaving in there!!

    And FIFA needs to QUIT putting refs from small, poor countries in charge of World Cup games. They are susceptible to bribes (as we learned after World Cup 2002) and Komen Coulibably of Mali appears to be the latest one.

    We Wuz Robbed.

  3. Soccer guy says:

    Don’t blame the refs. If USA realy wanted this bad enough they would have fought harder so the ref cannot be blamed for themm losing. Yeah so what if he messed up. Everyone screws up now and again. The ref doesn’t deserve this criticism. So everyone just back off. He should still continue to referee games.

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