Tiger Wood’s Long Lost Son

Posted: June 17, 2010 in General Sports, Golf
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Devon James, just one of the many porn stars and women listed on Tiger Wood’s sex resume has recently come out and claimed that her nine-year-old son is that of the world’s most famous golfer.  It is being reported that Devon and Tiger meet while she was attending a Christian school program at the age of 19. After the two were supposedly in a relationship for an extensive amount of time, she became pregnant, but never told Tiger likely to uphold her good Christian morals and stellar reputation (sarcasm).  When asked how she knew Tiger was the father she said, “He was the only African-American man I dated at that time.”  That’s enough to persuade me, how about you?   It needs to be known that no DNA test has been performed yet, but it sure needs to be asked why she waited nine years to make this known to Tiger and the rest of the world?   As hard as it is to believe I had some suspicions about the initial claim, but after seeing a picture of the child, it’s like a mere carbon copy of Tiger Woods.  To be quite honest I’m surprised that after banging somewhere in the vicinity of nearly a 150 women that we know about, there aren’t more little munchkins running around unclaimed.


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