World Cup Fans For A Day

Posted: June 13, 2010 in Soccer
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One would think that with all the excitement and hype surrounding the United States and England World Cup match, the Sports Mole would be ecstatic that soccer was getting such great publicity, however the only thing that I was feeling inside was extreme disappointment.  How could I possibly be feeling disappointed  on a day when American soccer fans were given an absolute gift goal thanks to the shaky hands of the English goalkeeper, Robert Green?  After all we did just tie the 8th best team in the world 1-1.  My statement actually has absolutely nothing to do with the match itself.  In fact, I thought the United States played a spirited game, despite giving up a terrible goal to Steven Gerrard only four minutes into the “Second Revolutionary War” as I call it. 

My anger and sadness spawns from the sudden willingness of Americans to become “diehard” USA soccer fans for this one day.  What do you mean Mole?  Before entering today’s highly anticipated match against the England squad, how many Americans could have named one single solitary player on the United States roster?  I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to realize that it would have been a very small percentage of people who would have been able to accomplish this monumental feat.  In fact, it would have been such a small percentage that it would have made Gary Coleman look like Andre the Giant.

It really amazed me how much the casual soccer fans or for that fact non-soccer fans united for the first match of the USA’s World Cup expedition.  Being that I’m the Sports Moles on Twitter I’ve had the chance to chat all kinds of sports with people from around the world.  I’ve had great conversations about basketball, football, baseball, hockey, the Olympics and even bowling, but one sport that is rarely if ever brought up is “soccer” (apologies to the rest of the world).  However, today Twitter was beaming with support for the American squad.  My screen was flooded with USA chants, cheers, boos and actual real life emotion about a sport that isn’t even the fourth or fifth most popular in the good old USA.  Bars and restaurant around the 50 states were packed with people who were glowing with excitement for soccer.  Yes, I said it, soccer! 

With all this being said I have to wonder if the American public will ever be this into a soccer match again barring a miraculous appearance in this year’s World Cup Final?  I will even venture out on a limb and say that the remaining two group games against Slovenia and Algeria won’t even have 1/10th the amount of viewers here in the States that the England game had.  Why though?  That’s the $64,000 question. Was today’s support rooted in the past hatred the two countries formed from the Revolutionary War?  Did the recent oil spill by English owned BP spark the uniting or did we all just magically wake up hypnotized soccer fans?  If anyone knows please feel free to blurt it out, the rest of the class is listening.  All I know is that for this one day in America, soccer ruled supreme and it was for lack of better words “awesome.”


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