A Greek Basketball Tragedy

Posted: June 8, 2010 in General Sports
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With most of the sporting world’s eyes turned to the Stanley Cup or NBA Finals it’s not hard to forget that there are still other sporting events that deserve our attention.  No it’s not the World Cup; instead it’s actually the Greek basketball championship. Yesterday, Panathinaikos won their eighth consecutive title by defeating their arch rival Olympiakos.  However, it wasn’t the fabulous play that had everyone talking; instead an incredibly intense riot during the game has perhaps put a blemish on Greek basketball for good.  As Olympiakos fans saw their championship hopes and dreams going down the toilet, madness shortly ensued when bottles, exploding flares and ripped off arena seats went flying towards the opposing players and refs.

As I sat there and watched this absolute craziness take place I couldn’t help but smile and smirk at this miraculous site.  I know you’re all thinking “what the hell is wrong with you,” but hear me out.  The Sports Mole likes nothing more than other fellow passionate, slightly mad sports fans.  Honestly, if you have ever been to a European soccer match you understand the passion, dedication and madness that surround these games.  The atmosphere at a European sporting event is secondary to none and if I could I would part take in this madness as well.  I’m not saying that I want anyone to get hurt, but would it hurt for American sports fans to inject a little of this madness when supporting their favorite team?

I understand that flying chairs and exploding flares is completely and utterly unacceptable for even a onetime event, especially when children are in attendance, but I truly find these types of antics to be highly entertaining.  I mean how can you not?  How many times have you found yourself holding an unfinished beer at the end of a sporting event where your team loses only wishing you could chuck that warm Miller Lite in disapproval?  Well in Europe, fans don’t worry about the consequences that might ensue from doing what we all wish we could.  If I had the chance to attend the Boston Celtics vs. Los Angeles Lakers NBA Finals or this Greek basketball final; I would choose the Greek game in a heart beat.  Sports are all about passion and these fans at the Greek basketball finals reiterated why I love sports as much as I do.   



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