Give Credit Where Credit is Due – The Jim Joyce Story

Posted: June 3, 2010 in General Sports, MLB
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I’ve been hearing this morning that an umpire may have cost a young Detroit Tigers pitcher a perfect game in the 9th inning with two outs?  Not funny?  Yah, I’m starting to get that feeling from what I’m hearing via Twitter, newspapers, television outlets, etc.  The firestorm that this blown call has had on the baseball community makes jumping into a pool full of great white sharks look wise.  Look, we all know the 22-year veteran umpire, Jim Joyce clearly missed an easy call and no one is happy about it, not even fans who hate Detroit. However, we need to realize and understand that this was just a baseball game!   Say it with me “just a baseball game.”

Let’s be honest about something.  There is no one in this world that feels more terrible about costing Armando Galarraga a place in baseball history than Jim Joyce himself. He made that very evident when he said, “It was the biggest call of my career and I kicked it. I just cost that kid a perfect game.”  Immediately after the game Mr. Joyce went into the dugout where he watched the replay of the controversial call.  After realizing the magnitude of his blown call, he went over to the Tigers locker room in tears where he emphatically apologized to Galarraga over and over again.  Wow!  Honestly who thought Jim Joyce would own up to his mistake in such a professional and quick manner?  It takes a big man to admit he made a mistake and an even bigger man to apologize for it.  Despite what anyone says Jim Joyce’s kids, wife, friends and family should be incredibly proud of him today.  Jim Joyce is a class act and I have never seen anything more genuine than the apology and disappointment that filled Jim’s heart yesterday.

For the idiots out there that are sending Jim Joyce and his family death threats over a blown call that cost an amazing kid a perfect game, just stop!  Seriously, use your anger and energy on more productive things like making a positive difference in today’s hectic world.  Armando Galarraga and the Detroit Tigers have forgiven Jim Joyce, shouldn’t you?  Like I said in the beginning of this article…’s only baseball!  If you’ve witnessed the amazing spectacle that’s taken place in today’s baseball game between the Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Indians, only one day after what is being called the greatest mistake in MLB history, you will realize anything is possible.  As the two teams brought their line-up cards to home plate before today’s game, Armando Galarraga represented the Tigers and when he handed his card to Jim, the two embraced one another with a handshake, hug and tears.  This truly was one of the most remarkable sports moments I have seen in my 23 years of watching sports.  People it’s time to realize that life is about forgiving, forgetting and learning from mistakes and this couldn’t have turned out any better than it has.

P.S. ESPN stop putting fuel on the fire by showing this replay over and over and over again!


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