Lebron’s Mom Goes Boom Boom Pow

Posted: May 19, 2010 in General Sports, NBA
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Word on the street is that the reason Lebron James looked disinterested and called it quits in the Eastern Conference semi-finals against the Boston Celtics had nothing to do with his “injured” elbow.  In fact, the only thing that is injured is the relationship between Prince James and his mother Gloria James.  Why?  According to TerezOwens.com Lebron’s close friend and now former teammate Delonte West was supposedly banging Gloria James before Game 4.  The boom boom session is reported to have taken place after Lebron accepted his MVP award.  All those in attendance for the prestigious award including Gloria James went out for a few drinks to celebrate and well, what ensued later that night can only be described as the beast with two backs.   Holy Batman and Robin this is good stuff.

A midst all of the speculation after the Cavaliers early exit from the playoffs, this was definitely not one of the possible scenarios NBA “experts” foresaw.  It’s easy to dismiss this story as complete speculation as both parties are adamantly denying the “rumors”, but when you sit back and think about how Lebron threw in the towel after Game3, it makes perfect sense.  Lebron knew full well that the hopes and dreams of the Cleveland Cavaliers winning an NBA title rode solely on his shoulders.  Why then, would he want to win a championship for some ass clown who thinks it’s a good idea to sleep with his mom?  Exactly!  I can’t say that if this is the case, I blame Lebron for throwing the series.  After all, he will have a better chance to win an NBA title after this summer’s bidding war for his services.  If I am Lebron I tell potential suitors that the first team to take out Delonte West this summer has the best chance of signing me.  Only kidding!  However, I’m pretty sure most teams would consider it if they honestly thought he would sign.  Watch out Delonte you’re a hunted man!

  1. lebrontsmomisaskankho says:

    lebrons mom is a skank drug using used up ho. no amount of lebrons muney will EVER buy that bitch class. or his bastard kids either.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Why dnt u take off yo white sheet wit the eyes cut out. Your mother musteve touched u the wrong way while using drugs &alcohol as a kid 4 u 2 say the things u said about this man & his family. your daddy are should i say yo sperm donor musteve left u & yo mammy that’s why ur so bitter. Crawl bck under the rock 4rm which u came 4rm

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