OchoCinco the Brand

Posted: May 18, 2010 in General Sports, NFL
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“I’m selling Ochocinco the brand.  Now, when Ochocinco really gets going, I’m going to take off with it.  Ochocinco Cologne, Ochocinco Sportswear.  I’m going to need help from the outside, but I’m going to take that brand and it’s just going to be big.  Ochocinco Cigars, straight from Havana.  Me and Castro are going to sit there shaking hands.  Some folks in Miami might not be happy with that, but it’ll be all right.  It’s Ochocinco.  Sunglasses, hats, clothing, shoes, cleats, the whole thing, man.  Condoms?  Definitely.  Stay safe with Ochocinco.  You can’t go wrong if your 85 inches.  That would  be a great ad.”

– Excerpt from Ochocinco’s book


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