Blueberries, Strawberries, Halle’s Berries

Posted: May 13, 2010 in General Sports
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The NFL off-season can be long, stressful, uneventful and boring especially if you’re unemployed.  This couldn’t be truer of the NFL’s biggest diva Terrell Owens who with no job, no reality show and no love life has clearly hit rock bottom, right?  Well, for a man who usually has enough confidence to spare, how can one Terrell Owens change his own fortunes?  I’ve heard that the key to any mans happiness is through his heart so why not go out a find himself a good woman?  Oh he is you say?  Yes, TO is on the prowl and you’re not going to believe who he has his sights set on…….Halle “Booty” Berry.  Once the word spread that Halle and her baby daddy called it quits, TO ran to the Warren-Tricomi salon in L.A to get his dome shinned.  TO like a dog in the park marked his territory by saying “Trust me … with a body like this…..and a body like hers … I don’t need to spit no game. That’s just real talk.”  Wow!  Did I say earlier all of his recent hardships were hurting his confidence?  Clearly not.  Maybe this profound egotistical attitude is the reason he is without a Super Bowl, a team, friends and a woman.  This equivalent to hearing a homeless man telling the world he will be a millionaire by the week’s end!  No chance in hell of either of these things happening.   Hard to believe someone as classy as Halle Berry would downgrade to a washed up wide receiver that right now makes David Hasselhoff look relevant.  Get to the Mole Hole TO you’re a fool!


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