Just Wanna Be Like Mike

Posted: May 8, 2010 in NBA
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Have you ever wondered how or why your favorite professional athlete chose his or her number to put on the back of their jersey?  Well, if you haven’t, I certainly have!  This past off-season, the NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers added controversial power forward, Ron Artest to the squad.  After long debate and deliberation you won’t believe how one fan influenced Artest to choose the number 37 to wear on the back of the purple and gold.  A young lady who knew that Ron was a huge fan of Michael Jackson suggested he honor the King of Pop by wearing the number 37, which commerates the Thriller album that was #1  for 37 straight weeks.  Thriller is still to this day the greatest #1 selling album of  all time and since Ron feels that he’s #1 in the hearts of basketball fans around the globe it only made sense, right?  I have to imagine that once Michael saw this gracious and noble act from the heavens above, he teared up and felt a warm sensation flow through his heart.  That warm sensation could have also been vomit rushing through his intestines because I can’t imagine anyone else in this world that Michael Jackson wouldn’t have wanted less to represent his legacy than Ron Artest.


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