There is mass panic, pandemonium and tizziness going through Vikings fans around the world right now as ESPN’s Ed Werder recently reported that for Brett Favre to play in the 2010-2011 season he would have to undergo ankle surgery.  The injury took place during the NFC Championship game when the New Orleans Saints took numerous blatant cheap shots on the 19-year veteran.  However, that’s neither here nor there.

 It’s amazing the ability Brett Favre has to make our stomachs churn and our hearts pound.  Watching and hearing news of Favre’s injury is literally like hearing horrifying news of a family member being diagnosed with a life threatening disease or injury.   Brett Favre since joining the Vikings has indirectly become an extended member of each of our households.  He is the crazy uncle we hated for so many years and then fell in love with once he came to the good side.

The smell of a Super Bowl trophy last year was so powerful and potent that every Vikings fans could taste it.  Last season there was an undeniable excitement and looming feeling of greatness surrounding the land of 10,000 lakes.  Then before we knew it the smiles and cheers turned to cries and sadness as the agony of defeat set in yet again for a state that has failed to taste that glorifying and exalting feeling of being called Super Bowl Champs.  People around football call Brett Favre a “drama queen” or say that he has to constantly be in the spotlight.  Well, this may be true, but I think I speak for every Minnesotan when I say “we love every second of it.”   How could anyone you ask?  Well, the answer is simply our desire to be crowned champions alongside our hometown heroes, the Minnesota Vikings.

There is no doubt in my mind that despite this inevitable ankle surgery Brett Favre has to undergo, he will be back next season with the Minnesota Vikings and pursue his quest of a Super Bowl.  Why wouldn’t he?  He has way too many reasons to come back starting with all the star-studded pieces he has to work with, he’s a God amongst men in Minnesota and the opportunity to stick it the Green Bay Packers two more times never hurts either.  If anything this ankle surgery just gives Favre an easy out to skip training camp.  Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me if all this attention the Denver Bronco’s twirp, Tim Tebow is getting upset Favre and he decided it was time to get back in the limelight.  No matter how you look at it, Favre should be back next season or at least the hopes and dreams of Vikings nation is crossing their finger he will be.

  1. David says:

    Stop the whining about the Saints beating you up. Cheap shots, my a%%. Aggressive football that won the game. One late hit does not make the Saints a cheap shot team, and that one hit did not lose you the game. Favre’s arm did. DGMW, I love Favre, and I like the Vikings.

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