OMG You Want My What?

Posted: April 29, 2010 in General Sports, NBA
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Numerous reports are indicating that the Los Angeles Laker’s veteran guard Derek Fischer was involved in a waffle house brawl last week while the team was in town for it’s game 4 with the OKC Thunder.  Derek Fisher in a brawl?  Ha, that’s a good one….wait it’s true?  Well, once this story began to hit the media, Derek came out and wanted to clarify exactly what happened.  The brawl did take place, but not last week.  Instead one year ago while Derek was sitting down to a delightful pancake breakfast ironically at this same waffle house a tussle took place between two men who really really badly want Fisher’s autograph.  When police arrived Derek said he was simply “an innocent bystander” caught in between the two mad men.   Really?  Who on God’s green Earth would start a brawl over a Derek Fisher autograph?  Sounds like something that would happen if a pack of young girls spotted a Jonas Brother at Dennys.  Hell, Fishers not even on the same level as Ronald McDonald.  My guess is that both these clowns were avid card collectors and wanted to make sure that they had their latest Topps Gold, rookie Derek Fisher card signed. After all, I hear that if you tell a woman you have a Derek Fisher autograph, they soil themselves with excitement.  Wait, they were grown men? Yah, that’s not pathetic or embarrassing on any level.


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