Dwayne Wade Takes Superstition to the Next Level

Posted: April 28, 2010 in NBA
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We all know that athletes at all levels are superstitious, whether it’s rubbing the lucky rabbits foot, sacrificing a chicken (Pedro Cerrano of  the Major League Movie) or even doing things in intervals of three.  No it’s no OCD, but the Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade doesn’t simply sport the #3 on his jersey, he does everything on game day in increments of three.  Ever wondered why the cameras are always focused on Wade doing pull-ups before the start of each game?  Well, the Mole is glad you asked because Mr. Wade before each game starts his routine of threes by doing three pull-ups using the rim as his pull-up bar.  He also has to chew three pieces of gum throughout a game, no more and no less.  The first piece enters his mouth during pregame warm-ups, the second piece right before tip-off and the last piece during half-time.  Last, Dwayne drinks three full bottles of Gatorade during a game.  He has and will never break that ritual even if the team enters overtime.  We all know that the Miami Heat are not going undefeated every season or even close too, but this ritual is one that has stuck since he entered the NBA  seven seasons ago when he was a young buck attending Marquette University.  Now the question begs, where will his superstitions be playing next season?  Miami?  ChicagoNew York?  Tell the Mole what your thinking!


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