Warning: Don’t Mess with the Mullet – On or Off the Field

Posted: April 20, 2010 in General Sports, NFL
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Everyone knew that the Minnesota Vikings Jared Allen was a bad bad man in terms of hitting and having no remorse for NFL quarterbacks, but what ensued at the Grapevine Bar this past week in a Scottsdale, Arizona bar was absolutely terrifying.  In the video posted here, some numb-nuts decided to call Jared’s fiancé a c*nt and well what the man received after that was a lethal tongue lashing.  In that lashing Jared said, “I’ll break your f*cking neck homeboy and then I’ll write a check to your f*cking name too.”  Reports are saying that this was as far as the incident went likely due to making the moron wet himself several times over.  What kind of idiot threatens the 6’6, 270-pound lineman’s girlfriend?  Did he have a death wish?  Honestly, if I wasn’t a diehard Vikings fan, I would have liked to see Jared pummel that clown.  However, I’m glad he restrained himself or should I say the lady restrained him so that he doesn’t have to miss any games this upcoming season. Update, insulting a professional athlete’s girlfriend at the bar isn’t going to help you get ladies or prove you’re tough. In fact, you look like a complete and utter tool.  Just a thought!


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