Sorry Reggie!

Posted: April 20, 2010 in General Sports
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The entertainment and sporting world was dealt a monster blow when Kim Kardashian announced her second separation from the New Orleans Saint’s star running back Reggie Bush.  When asked why they ended it she said that the long distance factor was taking a toll on her.  Hmmmmmm that’s weird.  The distance between Los Angeles and New Orleans is a hell of a lot shorter than that of Los Angeles and Madrid, Spain where her current hottie bombalottie resides.  Why would Kim have dumped the mini me running back for global soccer icon, Cristiano Ronaldo who plays for one of the most world renowned clubs Real Madrid?  Clearly, Kim Kardashian is an idiot for saying distance led to the demise of her and Reggie’s relationship. I really think this little fling between her and the  prima donna Ronaldo is simply a cheap ploy to make Reggie jealous.  After all, it may work in getting Reggie to relocate to a different NFL team that’s closer to where Kim lives in California since his current contract is up in just a few short seasons.


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