A-Rod & Cameron Diaz Bumping Uglies

Posted: April 14, 2010 in General Sports, MLB
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It’s spreading like a bad case of acne, but all the tabloids are filled with details pertaining to the Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez and actress Cameron Diaz’s steamy relationship.  The two have been participating in a secret relationship since February when the two met at a Super Bowl party in Miami.  Since then sources are reporting that the two have been flying back and forth to meet one another for what can only be described as intense games of naked Twister.  Apparently both stars are looking to break into the breast exam and back massage business as numerous people have seen the two groping one another in night clubs around the nation.  Perhaps it’s time for Alex to check into sex rehab and I’m pretty sure Tiger Woods might have a few recommendations on facilities considering the Bronx Bomber has gone through a laundry list of bombshells that include the likes of Madonna and Kate Hudson.  The nickname A-Rod has officially taken on a whole new meaning. To quote the boys from Wayne’s World “Shwing”.


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