Female Japanese Pitcher Cracks Gender Barrier in Professional Sports

Posted: April 12, 2010 in General Sports
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First the baseball color barrier was cracked by Jackie Robinson and now the gender barrier by Eri Yoshida .  The 18-year-old Japanese pitcher, Eri Yoshida has signed a contract to play for the Chico Outlaws in the Golden Baseball Minor Leagues in the United States.  The 5-foot-11 Yoshida throws a mean knuckle ball and despite her 4.03 ERA, the future holds a lot of promise for this female baseball phenom.  Maybe the female version of Tim Wakefield?  Well, maybe not quite yet, but hey let’s not forget the significance this holds for female athletes around the world.  With rising stars like Baylor’s 6-foot-8 dunking machine Brittney Greiner (basketball) and now Eri Yoshida (baseball) making national news with their amazing athleticism and promise in the women’s game, the glass ceiling seems all but gone.  However, is it believable to think that we will ever see a woman play in any professional male leagues besides the PGA?  I still say absolutely not, but hey maybe someone will finally prove the Sports Mole wrong!  What do you think?


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