San Francicso Giants Jersey Blunder

Posted: April 8, 2010 in General Sports, MLB
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One thing that we now know for sure is that the spelling ability of those residents in San Francisco is well below the national average and it couldn’t have been made more noticeable than at their hometown Giants baseball game.  Maybe you didn’t catch this in the title of the article, but San Francisco was clearly spelled wrong.  Well, unfortunately it was misspelled on the front of Giants outfielder, Eugenio Velez’s jersey for the game against the Houston Astros.  This begs the question, how in the hell does something like that happen?

Isn’t there someone who knows how to spell within the company who makes these jerseys for the Giants team?  Clearly there has to be since the rest of the teams jerseys’  had the proper spelling on them.  If you ask me it looks like they hired someone who just came into America and had to sound out the word San Francisco and it came out looking like San Fran-sis-co.  Really?  It’s hard to not laugh at how pathetic this is for the company and also embarrassing for the Giants organization.  But how does one misspelled jersey in a pile of 20-30 correctly spelled jerseys not get caught?  I guess my biggest question is: did the company fire this person or did he or she simply get sent to a 3rd grade English class to work on their vocabulary?  This whole misspelling brings me back to the scene in the movie “Big Daddy” where Rob Schneider, the delivery guy is attempting to sound out the word hippopotamus.  Let this be a lesson learned, sometimes it takes more than sounding out a word to get it right. No wonder San Francisco is often referred to as San Fran…no dictionary needed there.  

  1. Laura says:

    Beautiful, although I think the misspelling on the Nationals jerseys was worst.

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