Butler Star Looking to the NBA

Posted: April 8, 2010 in NBA, NCAA Men's Basketball
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The Butler Bulldog’s sensational 6-foot-9 sophomore, Gordon Hayward is currently contemplating whether to stay for another season at Butler or opt to try his luck in the NBA.  Well, Gordon I love you and think you have the potential to be an above average player in the NBA someday, but seriously stay in school.  It is easy to see why Hayward would want to go to the pros, considering Butler will likely never reach the peak of the mountain that they did this year, falling a half-court miracle shot short of being crowned the most unlikely National Champs in the history of college basketball.  However, Gordon needs to realize that this year’s NBA draft is exceptionally deep and I just don’t see him as a first round pick.  He is not athletic or quick enough to play the two or three guard and he’s not thick enough or physical enough to play the post. 

The NBA is all about athleticism and speed, both of which are not Gordon’s strong suits.  Quite the pickle then, eh?  It serves Gordon best to go back to Butler for another year or so and work on his overall game and improve his draft stock.  To be frank, he didn’t help his cause in the National Title game with his 2-11 shooting from the field.  If Hayward were to get drafted by a team he would be matching up against the likes of the Amare Stoudemires’, Pau Gasols’ and Josh Smith’s of the world.  Can you honestly see Gordon Hayward right now, if ever, matching up with these superstars cause those would be who he would have to guard on a night-in-night-out basis in the NBA. If Hayward does decide to drop out of school and pursue his chances in the NBA I think I speak for most when I say he would be making a huge mistake and one that he would likely regret for the rest of his life.  Gordon, stay at Butler and give it one more year and see if you and the rest of your squad can make another improbable run at a National Championship and then take your chances at the NBA.  You still have a way to go kid, but you’re well on your way.


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