Angels Set Dumbest “Sports” Record Ever

Posted: April 7, 2010 in General Sports, MLB, NBA
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First it was the Cleveland Cavaliers, now the Los Angeles of Anaheim Angels?  Snuggie nation is in full effect and taking over the sports world.  Last month the Cleveland Cavaliers handed out Cav’s Snuggies to all of their 17,758 fans in attendance.  At a specific time during the game, in which I believe it was the third quarter, all the fans put the Snuggies on and set a Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people wearing fleece blankets.  Wow, that must have been a proud and awe-inspiring day for all of Ohio.

Well, less than a month later this proud and prestigious honor was handed over to the crazy and wild fans of the Angels.  The Angels absolutely crushed the record by getting 43,510 of its fans to sport Hideki Matsui Snuggies during the fifth inning in a game against the Minnesota Twins.  This was quite the amusing site seeing it from my television, but immediately I began to wonder is this trend going to continue?  Will owners and front office personnel look to top other teams front office personnel by breaking the Snuggie record or maybe the most people eating ice cream at one time.  The possibilities are literally endless and get weirder and weirder each and every day.  I mean where does this madness and ridiculousness stop?  Will this front office competition begin to effect the product teams put on the field? At some point sports organizations will need to take its energy and money off these promotional gimics and focus it on putting a continuely successful product onto the court, ice or field.

People are going to drill me for reading way into a fun and spunky event put on by the Angels promotional staff, but why did they feel the need to break a record that was set less than a month ago?  Was there or is there a purpose to doing this?  Why not just hand out the Matsui Snuggies and leave it at that?  There is no doubt in my mind that with the Angels breaking the Cavaliers world record there will be competition between teams and organizations across all of sports that will not only take place on the field, but off of it as well.  Watch and see!  As you are reading this article one teams’ head of marketing or advertising is plotting a way to break the next world record at their teams venue. Can this madness ever be put to an end?  Can a promotion be a promotion any longer or is there a hidden agenda behind it?  Only time will tell. What do you think of this Snuggie fiasco. 


  1. John says:

    What do I think abot it? I try not to think about it.

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  3. If only more than 22 people would read this!

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