Not Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Posted: April 5, 2010 in NFL
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It seemed as if everything was in order for the Philadelphia Eagles to send long time quarterback Donovan McNabb to the place where good players go bad, the Oakland Raiders.  However, out of nowhere a team that few, if any, expected to land the services of the crafty veteran in the end did – the Washington Redskins.  One might think that the Redskins would have to give an arm and a leg to get a quarterback of Donovan’s level, but they didn’t by any means.  The Redskins essentially gave away nothing in the form of the 37th overall pick in this years draft and a 2011 3rd or 4th round pick to pick up the 11-year veteran.  It’s easy to see that the Redskins were the clear winner in this trade and I do mean the clear winners.

This may go down as the worst or dumbest trade in Philadelphia Eagles history and one that could haunt them as long as McNabb is in the league.  The guy can flat out play the quarterback position in the NFL and for  many years put the Eagles on the map considering he played most of his career in Philadelphia with second tier weapons at the wide receiver position. 

Why might this be the dumbest or worst trade in Eagles history? 

Well, first off Kevin Kolb has no chance this season or maybe ever of living up to the billing of McNabb.  Just because he had two great games when McNabb went down doesn’t mean he is the next Joe Montana or Brett Favre.  Kolb is an unproven commodity where McNabb was well beyond a proven one.  Secondly, what the hell were they thinking by trading him within their own division?  Can you imagine the fiery, energy and effort he is going to give this season just to prove to the Eagles that they made the wrong move trading him?  The Sports Mole is willing to put himself out there right now by saying that McNabb will beat the Eagles both times they meet this upcoming season.  Why?  Cause McNabb won’t allow them to lose!

Andy Reid and the Eagles organization said that they agreed to trade him to Washington because they felt they owed at least that to him.  Hmmm, are you serious or just stupid?  If that is the real reason, they might have just screwed their chances of getting back to the playoffs by making this ridiculous trade and getting nothing in return.  Did the Eagles ever ask themselves why McNabb might want to go to the Redskins?  Maybe because he knew he would be the starting quarterback or the fact that he knew he would get to play the Eagles twice a year in the NFC East?  McNabb flat out took a page from the Brett Favre book by orchestrating this trade!  Congratulations to the Washington Redskins who drastically improved their squad by acquiring McNabb and now should move out of the basement of the NFC East.   BOOOOO to the Philadelphia Eagles for so many different reasons and for actually having the balls to sending one of the classic acts of the NFL to your division rival.  Please let us know how it will feel to be dead last this year within your own division. Enjoy your decision.

  1. jules says:

    I agree with all that you said! The first thing I thought too was – why in your own division??? Can’t wait to see that first time they faceoff.

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