Ooops! Sorry Mom

Posted: April 1, 2010 in MLB
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Can you imagine having 20 something family members showing up to one of your Major League grapefruit baseball games?  Seems like a lot of pressure even for a player who has been in the league for several years, right?  Well I’m not really sure it was the pressure, but the line drive foul ball that came off the bat of the Minnesota Twins Denard Span against the dreaded New York Yankees couldn’t have gone more wrong for the rising star.   It looked like nothing more than a harmless  half-swing by the Twins lead off man, but as the bullet entered the seats, that’s when the nightmare started.  Oh My God!  Yes, the ball actually hit Denard Span’s own mother!  How in the world does something like that happen?  I mean, there is a better chance of winning the lottery twice than doing what Denard did. 
What was perhaps most shocking to me was how scared and in dismay the center fielder was for the safety of mama Span.  After realizing that his mother was hit in the upper chest/shoulder, he immediately sprinted over to check on whether or not she was ok.  This is great and not something we ever see, clearly.  However, the fact that he ran over during the middle of the game to check on his mother really tells baseball fans worldwide that Denard is a very caring individual and that there are more important things in life than swinging a bat, like family.  After paramedics looked over her, she was back in the stands cheering for her son’s team.  This incident clearly shook up Denard and even left him saying that Major League officials should strongly consider moving the nets down further for the safety of fans!  What do you think? Does baseball need to shift the nets farther down field on both sides to prevent future incidents like this from happening?


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