Expand? You Want To Do What?

Posted: April 1, 2010 in NCAA Men's Basketball
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From what I am seeing and hearing from rumor mills, Web sites, blogs, coaches and NCAA men’s basketball correspondents, it’s looking more and more likely that March Madness is moving towards a field of 96 participants.  I’m sorry, but I guess this year’s March Madness wasn’t exciting enough even though it’s already been dubbed by many as the most exciting in history?  What is the purpose of expanding the field from 45 to 96?  There is none at all!  It really can only be described as simply dumb!  I’ve heard arguments that there would be more of these great upsets we saw this year like Ohio upsetting Georgetown or Murray State beating Vanderbilt if we had a larger field, but that’s the farthest thing from the truth.  All that happens by expanding the field is that for the first week of play we will see 17 seeds take on 15 seeds!  Is that what we really want because the top seeded teams would have a bye that first week of play. 
I would argue and argue hard that by expanding the March Madness field to 96 you are taking away all of the prestige and glam that comes with hearing your school named on Selection Sunday.  Doesn’t it?  It has to!  Did Connecticut, UCLA and North Carolina really belong in the NCAA Tournament this year?  Absolutely not!  By expanding the field to 96, it means that teams with sub-500 records would be getting in.  This means that teams are essentially wasting their entire regular season since it really means nothing.  It’s pathetic to know that this expansion is almost inevitable and the real reason for it is obviously the dollar bills that the next network would reap with a new contract being ready to bid on and guess who the front-runner is to land it?  Wow, ESPN, go figure.  Lastly, you think there is pressure on coaches now to make the NCAA tournament?  Well imagine if you don’t get into the field after they expand it to 96?  Poo will hit the fan and coaches will be fired left and right.  If you had it your way, what would you like to see happen moving forward?  Do we need to expand the field to 96 for any other reason that dollar signs?


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