Baseball Commercial Gone Wrong, Horribly Wrong

Posted: March 29, 2010 in General Sports, MLB
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This season the Minnesota Twins have assembled what they believe to be a World Series contending team and in less than 15 days they will be opening up their brand new, open air stadium, Target Field.  With all of these amazing pieces in place, the Twin’s advertising and marketing teams are out in full force.  In a recent stadium commercial, Twins fans are encouraging an Angel’s fan to stick his tongue onto a frozen metal light pole in an attempt to get it stuck.  Despite his initial refusion to comply, he eventually gives in after being triple dog dared. Sure enough when the Angels fan does it, it actually gets stuck. HAHAHA great laugh (sarcasm).   Next the announcer says, “The weather, a part of our new home field advantage.”  Who are these commercials kidding?  We play in the same division as the Detroit Tigers, Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians and Kansas City Royals. It doesn’t take a meteorologist to figure out that all of these teams have outdoor stadiums and identical weather as Minnesota during the months of the baseball season.  So again, I ask how is the weather a home field advantage for the Twins?

It’s easy to see what the commercial is trying to convey to its viewers, but it’s just stupid and off base.  There is no doubt in my mind that that the Twins no longer have a home field advantage now that they are out of the big inflatable toilet known as the Metrodome.  The Metrodome was arguably the most hated stadium in all of sports to play in, whether it was losing fly balls in the white ceiling tarp or the odd bounces the ball took off the artificial turf.   As the White Sox skipper, Ozzie Guillen so eloquently put it last year when discussing his dislike for the Dome said, “Just make sure I don’t come to this thing anymore.”  This is the type of home field advantage you want where opposing skippers are actually displaying and showing outward disgust when discussing a team’s home ball park.  This winning advantage has now been lost and actually leveled the playing field for all who enter.  

  1. drew says:

    whoa. You’re taking the commercial a bit too seriously. Its a clever funny ad, not an actual assessment of what the home field advantage will or won’t be. Its just
    a way to get fans to embrace their inner hearty Minnesotan as we move into an outdoor ballpark for the first time in almost 30 years. There’s a whole generation of Twins fans who have never really experienced that. Its a commercial for the Twins for goodness sake, not SportsCenter analysis. Obviously other cities have outdoor baseball too.

    • justplayingdumb says:

      I understand that its to build momentum, etc for the opening of the new stadium, but I still feel they really didn’t do a good job of conveying the great features this ball park has to offer. Wouldn’t you agree?

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