Brett Favre in Rush Mode

Posted: March 27, 2010 in NCAA Football, NFL
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Let’s start this article off with a long, drawn out laugh at the title alone.  That was just good comedy. Either way, with NFL teams trying to get their quarterback situation figured out before the draft happens in less than 26 days, the recent announcement by Donovan McNabb indicating that he would like to be traded to the Minnesota Vikings won’t put pressure on Brett Favre to return any quicker, will it?  Are we kidding?  Brett Favre wouldn’t move any faster if a semi-truck was going full speed toward him and his family. It’s utterly ridiculous to even think that the Vikings would consider pressuring Favre to make a decision, which they’re not after the amazing season he gave them last year.   It’s clear that come August, Brett will gradually get back into the swing of things by working out with his same old high school buddies, throwing a few passes here and there and once Vikings training camp concludes, Favre will make his return to the team and ride off into the sunset of a Super Bowl victory.  I love McNabb and would want him on my team any day of the week, except when the other option is Brett Favre.  So long McNabb enjoy Buffalo or the black hole that is Oakland.


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