Love & Sports Don’t Mix

Posted: March 26, 2010 in General Sports, NHL
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It was Valentines Day, 2010.  Yah, I know it’s a little past this awesomely worthless Holiday, but the moral of the story is worth the read.  So I suggest you continue reading on.  Like I was saying, it was Valentines Day, 2010 and me and the lady friend were on our way to our very first New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden.  It was evident from the ridiculous grins on our faces that we were a tee bit excited to witness the Mecca of sporting arenas first hand, as well as witness the Rangers take on the Tampa Bay Lighting.  I know the women readers out there right now are laughing that I would actually take my girlfriend to a sporting event, but after all, there is nothing more romantic than watching a grown man getting crushed into plexiglass. Can I get an amen?  No? Fair enough.  

I had seen Madison Square Garden numerous times on the television and every time I said to myself “Wow!  That arena looks absolutely massive!”  Upon actually getting inside MSG I took in every site and sound for the fear that I may never return.  Most of the sounds consisted of disgruntled New Yorkers telling me to get the hell out of the way, but hey I was a tourist and it was my civil duty to look around.  On our way up to our seats which were about 20 rows up from the ice and yes I did spend a small fortune on these tickets; we stopped at the concession stand and picked up what can only be described as the greatest two patty burger with all the fixings I had ever tasted at a sporting event.  I grabbed a souvenir soda to add to the Sports Moles collection of arena mugs and we made our way to our seats.  As I sat down I took a few moments to notice all the championship banners and retired jersey numbers from former Ranger and Knicks players. I wasn’t used to seeing such decoration in an arenas rafters. After all I am from Minnesota and our sports teams have a tendency to wet the bed during big games. Thanks Favre!  However, despite the prestige that MSG carries with it; the actual size of the arena was no bigger than most out there.  It’s more the magic this arena carries that makes it special. 

The game got underway and I became a real New York fan, yelling and swearing at the players while throwing my arms around at bad calls.  Numerous times I could feel the cold fingers of my girlfriend going into my side as she was getting annoyed that her constant chirping was being ignored.  Disgust is the only feeling I can use to describe my emotions as the Rangers had dug themselves a 2-0 hole after the first period.  The intermission came and I found myself wondering the arena and I drifted into one of the many crowded souvenir shops ever. Before I knew it I was leaving with a bag that was holding a Marion Gaborik Czechoslovakia national team shirt!  What the moose knuckles?  After what Gaborik did to my hometown Minnesota Wild, how could I have joined the dark side?  Clearly, the overwhelming joy I was experiencing at MSG clouded my vision, which led to the shoddy purchase. Hmm, well the past is the past and we move forward. 

I limped back to my seat a bruised and broken man after making my way through the filled shop. I felt like Rocky Balboa punching my way through the hostile crowd. Before I knew it, the second period was underway and the Rangers tied the game at 2-2 thanks to an outstanding performance by none other than the feisty Sean Avery.  Now, this is where the story gets good!  Remember it is Valentine’s Day and there are always a couple of clowns who decide that it’s a good idea to propose to their girlfriends over the arenas big screen.  Well we were in luck and the outcome was more than I could have hoped for.  When “Melissa will you be my Blue shirt Bride” was tagged across the MSG screen, the woman acted as most would have initially anticipated, like a deer in headlights.  She covered here mouth and the entire crowd was waiting for her to throw her arms around her knight in shinning armor and smoother him with kisses.  Instead, Nick the proposer got the always popular response, “What the bleep!  At a hockey game?” Oh geez!  At about this time I am thinking Nick is instantly regretting this decision.  A few seconds later the female dog grabbed her stuff and stormed out like a bat out of hell.  At this time, I now know Nick is in fact regretting his decision to pop the question.  As the lady made her way out the arena the always polite New York crowd booed the living day lights out of her and rightfully so. 

This Valentines Day massacre spread like wildfire once the game was done with.  By the way the Rangers ended up winning 5-3, yes!  However, it wasn’t until later that night that every blog, radio and news station in the New York area was flooded with content saying that MSG personnel may have staged this little debacle.  There is no way it was staged, is there?  According to Perez Hilton and it pains me to know he said this, but he also made it known that he believed the event was staged as well and he generally knows all things drama related. Eeek, I need to go wash myself clean of citing Perez Hilton as a source.  Either way, take a moment to check out the actual video of the event and let me know what you think.  Is it staged or legit?  I personally could give two hoots less whether it is fake or real, I was highly entertained and the fact that this made national news, the crew who was involved in staging the event deserves a raise.  Mission accomplished.  O yah, I promised you a moral to this story and it is a simple one: don’t ever ever ever ask your significant other to marry you at a sporting event.  Why?  Because love and sports just don’t mix.


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