Tiger Woods a Tiger in the Woods?

Posted: March 18, 2010 in General Sports, Golf
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Oh Tiger, Tiger, Tiger!  No that’s not the moaning of one of the many slutty ladies Tiger Woods had a sexual encounter with over the past three years, but me agonizing over the idea of why he is waiting till the Masters to make his first appearance back on the PGA Tour. Wait I know!  Perhaps it has to do with the strict rules Augusta National Golf Club enforces for all who attend. That mixed with the notion that this may be the most anticipated and watched golfing event in history; it only makes sense for Tiger to make his comeback here as opposed to the Arnold Palmer Invitational the week before. 

With so much up in the air on how Tiger will be received and treated while out on the golf course; that speculation can be laid to rest at least at the Masters.  Augusta has such strict rules in place that if a fan is even seen running, they’re thrown out of the tournament for good.  Geez!  Is this a golf tournament or Alcatraz?  Even ESPN’s 11 time National Sports Writer of the Year, Rick Reilly was tossed from Augusta when his phone accidently went off while he was walking the course.  Now that’s saying we don’t take crap from anyone and they mean anyone.

You may be saying to yourself what’s your point? It’s quite simple you see; Tiger choose Augusta for one reason and one reason only – he knew that he would be safe from scrutiny and questions about his off the course affairs.  Augusta is literally a steel trap; fans aren’t allowed autographs, media is handpicked for interviews and fans are always on their best behavior for fear of being tossed from the event. Hell, there are even rumors that Master’s personnel control the questions the media are allowed to ask players.  With Tiger knowing this full well it begs the question: Is Woods nothing more than a cowardly Tiger hiding in the woods?  Tiger has gone to great lengths to make sure he avoids answering any tough questions, but how long does he think he can keep dodging them?  If he ever wants to be back in the public’s good graces, especially with the women fan base, he will have to come forth with what really happened.

I have heard numerous people say that they feel bad for Tiger as his whole life went to hell in a hand basket in a matter of days.  He was literally placed on a pedestal equivalent to that of Mount Olympus and now look where he has fallen too.  However, I have no sympathy for the 600 million dollar man. Tiger made the choices that he made and Tiger should have to suffer the consequences. Not only that, but Tiger was heading down the wrong path with how he disrespected the game with his on the course explosions, on-air profanity and countless affairs.  No one can ever question Tiger Woods the golfer, but the man is a different story.  Thank Augusta Tiger, thank Augusta!  Your butt is saved for one more week!


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