Gold Star for this NFL Player

Posted: March 16, 2010 in General Sports, NFL
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With NFL offseason workouts and training camps quickly approaching, the headlines in newspapers, magazines and internet sites are overloaded with off-the-field problems regarding pro athlete’s contracts. With all the greediness surrounding pro-athletes and their money, it is about time we pay some homage to an NFL star who forfeited a $250,000 offseason workout bonus to finish up his college degree.  This is a fantastic story and a breath of fresh air if you ask me. When I read that the New England Patriots defensive end, Ty Warren was willing to give up his offseason workout bonus to pursue his college degree, I almost collapsed in shock!  Maybe there are still some professional athletes out there that aren’t driven solely by money.  It appears that the potential of an NFL lock-out in 2011 has Ty Warren thinking beyond the football field to bigger, better things, which led him to say, ” no amount of money is worth having his kids see their father without a college degree.”  Warren also went on to say, “In the big picture, I think it’s important for me to do what I’m doing. I can sacrifice that bonus for that.”  Wow!  I think I almost shed a tear.  Almost!  Really though, how often do we as fans get to see someone as genuine as Ty Warren who cares more about education than taking an easy bonus for simply showing up to offseason workouts?  Generally, we see kids jumping college or staying the minimum time required before running to the pros.  Congrats Ty Warren, you’re a class act and the NFL (sports for that matter) could use more players like you!
It would be great to see more people like Ty Warren in professional sports. Even athletes that we think aren’t “in it for the money,” end up shocking loyal fans with their greediness. Take Joe Mauer for instance. I was reading my local Minneapolis Star Tribune the other day and it was talking about how Joe Mauer was willing to give his Minnesota Twins a “hometown discount” on a contract to stay in the state where he has grown up.  In response, the Twins supposedly offered Mauer an eight-year contract worth $22 million a season.  Wow!  Not shabby and pretty hard to pass on, right? No, you would actually be WRONG! I guess $22 million a year wasn’t enough for Mauer to feed his family of one because his agent now wants $25 million a season.  Come on man!  What kind of sweet hometown discount is that? Take a lesson from Ty please


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