What Is Ladainian Tomlinson Thinking?

Posted: March 15, 2010 in NFL
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I have just under 3,000 carries, 13,000 total yards, 128 celebration dances, only 19 fumbles and 10 fingers with no rings on them; who am I?  Yes, it is I – Ladainian Tomlinson!  With such impressive numbers over his illustrious career, how is it that the San Diego Chargers let him go so easily? Hmmm…….maybe it had to do with his declining production over the last few years?  Sure he had 12 TD’s last season, but that was the product of Darren Sproles doing all the hard work to get inside the red zone and LT took all the TD credit thanks to his close bond with former coach, Norv Turner.  LT had all his touchdowns last season put on a silver platter for him.  When the team needed him most, he was a no show thanks to poor performances or injuries.  It looks like all that mileage on his body finally caught up to him! Agree?

Well, then the only question for the aging running back was the Jets or Vikings?  Vikings or Jets?  Jets or Vikings?  Vikings or Jets? Hold on!  With all that I mentioned, why then would two teams that made it to their respective division championships want a washed up running back?  These two teams make perfect sense for Tomlinson who said at this point in his career he wanted to go to a team where he could play a significant role and win a Super Bowl. Consider that done with the Minnesota Vikings or the New York Jets as far as finding teams with a legitimate chance at winning a Super Bowl.  However, now that LT has officially signed a two-year deal worth five million dollars with the Jets; did he really go to the team that gives him the best chance at a ring or simply the one where he can get the most carries?

Yes it’s clear that winning a Super Bowl is important to Tomlinson, but still takes a back seat to his preference of shouldering the work load.  This selfishness on his part is what led to his choice of the J-E-T-S, Jets!  In all honesty would you rather take hand-off from a living legend in Brett Favre or a snot nosed Southern California boy who has barely got his feet wet in the NFL in Mark Sanchez? Easy choice for me! At this point in his career I would say it’s more important to LT to prove all of his critics wrong than to win a Super Bowl.  LT has only one mission he wants to accomplish right now and that is to show people that his best days are in fact not behind him.  He knows that with the inexperienced second year Shone Greene and injury hampered Leon Washington as his only competition in the Jets backfield, his chances of getting more carries increases dramatically.  With the Minnesota Vikings he knew that he would be in the shadow of arguably one of the most aggressive backs in history – Adrian Peterson.

There is no question LT would have been a big help to a Vikings team who look prime to get to the Super Bowl if Brett Favre decides to return next season.  That being said, LT may have made one of the biggest mistakes of his career. I hate to be the one to break the news to you LT, but Rex Ryan played you for a fool!  Maybe you were told by Rex that you were special and that you would play a significant role on the team next season to stroke your ego; but you’re a 3rd down back no matter how you slice it.  Time to take a look in that mirror LT and face reality!


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