NHL Zebra’s Make a Boo Boo

Posted: March 15, 2010 in NHL
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It had the hype of Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, the punching power of Holyfield vs. Tyson and the skill and craftiness of Norris vs. Segul!  Yes, it was the colossal match-up between the NHL’s top two teams, the Chicago Blackhawks and the Washington Capitals.  However, it took less than ten minutes for that excitement to leave the building once the world’s most exciting hockey player; Alexander Ovechkin was thrown out for his boarding penalty on the Blackhawk’s Brian Campbell.  The replay of the “dirty” hit as many are calling it, if indeed you can even call it that was nothing more than a simple push in the back.  It was really nothing more than a freak accident that led to a broken collarbone and a few ribs. I understand that people will want to overact to this situation, but the NHL should refrain from doing so!  Why you ask?  Well first off, the NHL failed to implement any penalty for a much more vicious and intentional hit by the Penguins, Matt Cooke on Marc Savard.  If the NHL is going to avoid handing out punishment for that hit, then they better damn well avoid handing out punishment for this one.  After all, Ovechkin is not a cheap player!  If he had a history of cheap and dirty plays, which some will argue he does, I could justify a suspension.  If you are going to find him guilty of anything, it is playing his heart out every minute of every game!

The biggest question the Sports Mole has with this issue (yes, I referred to myself in the third person) is why the referees felt the need to eject the NHL’s biggest star from the game?  By throwing Ovie out of this game in the 1st period you are not only upsetting all those in attendance and killing television ratings, but showing the players they’re dispensable.  How many times have we ever seen an NBA official throw out Kobe Bryant or Lebron James for arguing a call or even a questionable foul?  That’s right, never!  Why?  Well, perhaps it has to do with the large amounts of money people spend to see Kobe and Lebron play.  If officials tossed these superstars out of games, it would lead to a significant loss in revenue to games.  I hope Gary Bettman pulls that particular zebra into his office tomorrow morning and absolutely crushes him for that bonehead move! 

The referees can consider their buttoxes saved by a fantastic finish to the game that ultimately saw the Ovechkinless Capitals storm back from a 3-0 deficit to pull out a 4-3 win in OT!  Have to believe if the Capitals don’t make that dramatic comeback against the NHL’s worst team at holding big leads, those referees would be looking for work today!  ATTENTION NHL, your ratings aren’t that good already!  The last thing you need to be doing is tossing your super star players out of high profile games!  Either way, you be the judge on this “hit” and if it warranted a ten minute game misconduct and ejection for the games most electrifying player, Alexander Ovechkin.

  1. whitsport says:

    Originally I had similar sentiments… the hit didn’t look that bad. After reading about the injuries that Campbell suffered though, I have to say, the punishment should fit the crime. Anyone that takes out a guy for the rest of the season, Matt Cooke included, deserves at least a few games suspension. I totally agree that Ovie should be applauded for playing hit butt off every night, but at the same time these injuring producing hits are becoming a recurring theme. Remember the knee to knee hits he laid on Gonchar and Gleason last year? I have the feeling that although the NHL doesn’t want to suspend their best player for something like this, they’re going to be forced to sooner or later. Cheers!


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