Milton Bradley Sounds Off On All Things Chicago

Posted: March 12, 2010 in MLB

If there is one streak in Major League Baseball that the Chicago Cubs can claim they have a strangle hold on, it’s the 100-year draught between World Series championships. Many thought the streak would be broken in 2003, when the Cubs looked well on their way to winning a championship. However, most can recall infamous Cubs fan Steve Bartman who reached over the railing to catch a foul ball in Game six of the National League Championship Series, putting an end to Cubs fans hopes of a title.  Bartman was immediately vacated from Wrigley Field as security feared that outraged Cubs fans would assault or even attempt to take the life of the goofy little man.  However, now seven years later Bartman may not be the most hated man in Chicago!  The honor has now officially been placed on the back of none other than Milton Bradley.

After an all-star season with the Texas Rangers in 2008 where he had a batting average of .321, hit 22 home runs and drove in 77 RBI’s, the Chicago Cubs signed Milton to a 3-year contract worth $30 million.  This unfortunately was where the excitement for Cubs fans stopped surrounding Bradley.  From the first time he stepped onto the great Wrigley Field, Milton suffered nothing but failure and dismay.  In his short tenure with the team, he batted a dismal .257, had numerous run-ins with skipper, Lou Pinella and was thrown out of countless games for arguing strikes and balls.  Perhaps his most defining moment in a Cubbies uniform came against the Minnesota Twins in inter-league play when Milton caught a routine fly ball and took a few seconds to strike a pose for the fans before throwing the ball into the crowd.  Well, that’s all fine and dandy to put on a show for the crowd, but Milton you forgot how to count because that was only the second out.  The Twins ended up scoring a run off the bonehead play and eventually went on to win the game. 

It may be 2010 and Milton Bradley may be playing with the Seattle Mariners, but his crappy attitude and his accountability are as awful as ever.  In a recent interview with ESPN’s Colleen Dominguez, Milton made some outlandish statements about his time in Chicago.  He first claimed that unless you’re Superman, Andre Dawson, Ernie Banks or a Hall of Famer, then it’s going to be tough playing in Chicago.  Hmmm, so it’s tough to play and succeed in the MLB?  Wow, what a concept!  One of the most shocking things that Bradley hinted at in the interview was that Cub’s personnel were personally placing racist hate mail in his locker.  He made it very clear that he received racist hate mail on a daily basis and he eventually got to the point where he didn’t even have to open it anymore to know what it was.  I would sincerely hope this was never the case, but in all honesty we may never know the truth to his statements.  It’s obvious that racial problems are still a barrier that is far from being completely tackled, but in Chicago?  The Cubs?  How come a player like Derek Lee who is African-American has never been subjected to this type of racial bigotry?  How about Kosuke Fukudome who is of Japanese ancestry?  I mean after all we did fight the Japanese in World War II!  Shouldn’t he be getting hate mail as well if Chicago is as racist as they are being painted out to be?

It seems as if Bradley is trying to make himself come off as the victim here and nothing is more evident of that then when he said he was “a prisoner of his own home.”  How is it possible that a man like Bradley who tries to come off as a bad a** is afraid to go out to eat?  Does anyone honestly believe that he ordered in every one of his meals for an entire year simply because a couple of fans told him he stinks?  If that is true, Milton has bigger problems to worry about like trying to find the nearest psych ward.  It’s quite evident that Milton Bradley is a head case and that anything he says should be taken at face value.  I mean after all, these outrageous comments about Cubs fans and the Cubs organization are coming from a guy who tore his ACL arguing a play at first base!

Here is the link to the Milton Bradley interview with Colleen Dominguez since the video is not allowed to be distributed through any other source than ESPN.


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