Pro Athletes & Their Infamous MugShots

Posted: March 10, 2010 in General Sports

OJ Simpson, Former NFL Running Back

The former NFL star was arrested in September 2007 for the alleged armed robbery of a memorabilia dealer in a Las Vegas hotel room.  His first arrest came in 1994 when he was accused of killing his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and limo driver, Ronald Goldman.  Despite the arrest, OJ never served time thanks to the police screwing up the investigation and in turn could never prove without a reasonable doubt that the former running back was guilty of murder.

Scottie Pippen, Former NBA Player

In 1999, shortly after being traded to the Houston Rockets, Scottie Pippen was detained under suspicion of driving while intoxicated, but the charges were later dropped due to insufficient evidence. 

 Ricky Williams, Miami Dolphins Running Back

Ricky Williams was arrested in 2000 for failing to sign a traffic ticket. However, I think anyone who knows Ricky Williams past or simply looks at this mug shot likely knows that he is probably high as a kite or drunk as a skunk.

Tony La Russa, St. Louis Cardinals Manager

The St. Louis Caridnals skipper, Tony La Russa was arrested by Florida police in 2007 and was charged with drunk driving. La Russa was found by officers slumped over the wheel of his SUV before a breathalyzer test revealed a blood alcohol level of 0.093 percent, which is clearly over Florida’s legal limit of 0.08. 

 John Daly, PGA Golfer

The always cool, calm and collective John Daly was arrested in 2008 for being “extremely intoxicated” outside of a Hooters restaurant in North Carolina.  In all honesty could this be any more whitetrash and right down John Daly’s avenue?  When police arrived and attempted to take Daly to the hospital for treatment he refused and began to get disruptive according to police.  Instead police took Daley to a law enforcement detention center for 24 hours to sober up.

Deion Sanders, Former NFL Cornerback

The always flashy and outspoken Deion Sanders was arrested in 1996 and charged with misdemeanor trespassing when police found him illegally fishing on a lake that was owned by the Southwest Florida International Airport.  Now its all so clear why Deion is smiling like a kid in a Candy shop!  I guess if I was a high profile athlete and just got busted for fishing on private property, I too would be smiling like a 5th grader at his first school picture.

 Charles Barkley, Former NBA Forward

Current TNT NBA analyst, Charles Barkley was arrested in 2008 on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. Cops pulled Charles over after he blew through a stop sign early on in the morning.  Charles had this to say after his arrest,”I am disappointed that I put myself in that situation.  The Scottsdale police were fantastic.”  That’s all we get Charles?  Where are the sarcastic remarks or smart ass comments?  Anyways, I think Charles Barkley may be the only man on the Earth that sweats 24 hours a day!

 The Big Show, Professional Wrestler

The World Wrestling Entertainment’s biggest athlete, Paul Wright a.k.a The Big Show was arrested in 1998 for exposing himself to a female hotel worker.  The case was later dropped due to the lack of sufficient evidence, but wow I am glad I wasn’t that hotel worker that saw the 500 lb Big Show get butt naked.  Have to think that lady is permanently scared.

 Maurice Clarett, Former Ohio State Running Back

The once unstoppable Ohio State running back, Maurice Clarett was arrested in 2006 after a car chase with police that ended with charges for weapons possession and resisting arrest.  When officers searched the car they found a katana, a loaded AK-47 variant and two other loaded handguns in his vehicle along with an open bottle of Grey Goose vodka.  Clarett was eventually charged and was given a seven and a half-year sentence in the Toledo Correctional Institution.  This may be one of the biggest falls from prominence in the past 10-15 years.


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